Hi, I'm Kaspars - I love solving challanges and collecting skills!

Currently I am full-stack developer in Tartu, Estonia 🇪🇪
This website serves my interest and experience notes. I hope you find it interesting too!

Find some of my visual work on instagram, flickr, twitter, RSS feed

For professional and artistic coop reach me by email.


Introduction to visual arts - Complete n00bs guide to begin oil, acrylic, sumie painting and charcoal sketching

Guide to homemade Rodinal, stop solution & fixing agent for analog photography in hostile environments - Recipes for Rodinal, homemade stop solution and film fixer calculator

Perverts guide to photography -

On adventuring -

Good films -

Sections and outlines in HTML5 -

Camino de Santiago - Cycling Camino de Santiago on a budget

European Voluntary Service in Romania - a year of retrospect - EVS European Voluntary Service in Arad, Romania

Permaculture lessons in Organic Art Ranch, Romania - Learning permaculture in Rachitele, Romania with Roger

R12-U Soviet nuclear missile silo visit - Urban exploring USSR R12-U Nuclear missile silo in Latvia

R12-U kodolraķešu bāzes apmeklējums Latvijā -

Kas jāievēro ikvienam dzimtenes ceļiniekam - Brīvās Latvijas 1937. gada tūrisma ceļvedis

Viduslaiku cietokšņu anatomija - Viduslaiku cietokšņu anatomija, Rīgas cietokšņa apraksts