Hi, I'm Kaspars - I love exploring this beautiful world, solving challanges and collecting skills!

Currently I am full-stack developer between Tartu 🇪🇪 and Riga 🇱🇻
You may find me volunteering as a foreman, cook and photographer in small festivals, sketching and painting, gardening, creating banger photos or just hanging out in a forest 🏕️
This website serves my interest and experience notes. Enjoy or go away!

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For co-op reach me by email adding literally anything before @varezers.org.


Test driven development -

Electronics - Practical guide on how to avoid autoelectricution

Veganuāris - Izgriezumi no neapedzemeslodi.lv vegānu izaicinājuma

Introduction to visual arts - Complete n00bs guide to begin oil, acrylic, sumie painting and charcoal sketching

Guide to homemade Rodinal, stop solution & fixing agent for analog photography in hostile environments - Recipes for Rodinal, homemade stop solution and film fixer calculator

Perverts guide to photography -

On adventuring -

Good films -

Sections and outlines in HTML5 -

Camino de Santiago - Cycling Camino de Santiago on a budget

European Voluntary Service in Romania - a year of retrospect - EVS European Voluntary Service in Arad, Romania

Permaculture lessons in Organic Art Ranch, Romania - Learning permaculture in Rachitele, Romania with Roger

R12-U Soviet nuclear missile silo visit - Urban exploring USSR R12-U Nuclear missile silo in Latvia

R12-U kodolraķešu bāzes apmeklējums Latvijā -

Kas jāievēro ikvienam dzimtenes ceļiniekam - Brīvās Latvijas 1937. gada tūrisma ceļvedis

Viduslaiku cietokšņu anatomija - Viduslaiku cietokšņu anatomija, Rīgas cietokšņa apraksts